Kula Beans – A Coffee That Speaks For Itself

Kula Beans - 100% Maui Coffee

Our unique approach.

Kula Beans is an award-winning,  single origin, 100% Maui estate-grown, premium coffee with distinctive flavors and unique characteristics.  Grown at Tambra Gardens in Kula, we’ve got two varieties of Arabica coffee within our 150-tree orchard  – a combination of 70% “Typica”, and 30% “Red Catuai.  Our strategy was to combine these two varieties with the advantage of Kula’s rich volcanic soil and favorable weather conditions  for a unique combination.

Tambra Gardens is located at 2,000-feet in elevation on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui.  Climate, temperature, rainfall, and soil conditions all affect a bean’s development and Kula provides that great growing environment.

Our commitment to sustainability.

How coffee is handled and processed impacts quality.  Our coffee is hand-picked at the optimum ripeness.  We utilize the wet processing method, followed by sun-drying to the perfect moisture content for hulling and roasting.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and preservation and no synthetically derived chemicals, pesticides, or manufactured fertilizers are ever used on our farm.

Farm Tours arranged by appointment.   We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences relating to the planting, growing and processing of our coffee.

Hawaii Coffee Association Certificate of Excellence 2012 Kula Beans

The HCA Certificate of Excellence. Click to enlarge.

We’re honored.

In July 2012 and July 2015, at the Hawaii Coffee Association’s statewide cupping competition, Kula Beans was selected as the Best Maui Coffee. Kula Beans also placed second in the statewide “Creative” category for smaller farms. It is a complete honor to be recognized this way upon debuting our coffee to the world. We will continue to strive in the direction of goodness and distinction.


Taste Kula Beans.

There are two different roasts available at this time. Our coffee may be purchased through our online store, or by giving us a call at (808) 573-5880.

We hope you love our coffee as much as we love growing it!