We currently have two premium roasts available for purchase. Online rates are based on $20 for 7 oz and $40 for 14 oz bags, for our Kula Beans Estate Reserve. Shipping and handling fees have been included in prices below. For purchase and pickup locally (on Maui), call (808) 573-5880. We are also introducing our new Coffee Rub with shipping and handling also included in pricing.

Full City Roast Kula Beans 100% Maui Grown Coffee

Kula Beans Full City Roast- Estate Reserve:
A Moderate Dark Brown Roast
A sweet, floral, aroma with a lively acidity, winey notes, and great complexity!  The coffee is filled out with deep, nutty, fruity tones of chocolate with a creamy finish to produce a delightful, well-balanced cup.

Kula Beans Estate Reserve Whole Bean Full City

Kula Beans Estate Reserve Ground Full City

French Roast Kula Beans 100% Maui Coffee
Kula Beans French Roast- Estate Reserve:

A Dark Brown Roast
This deeper roast accents the depth and sweetness of our coffee with a hint of smokiness in the cup.

French Roast – Ground

French Roast – Whole Bean




Up Country Blend – Full City Whole Bean

7 oz. or 14 oz.

Up Country Blend – Full City Ground

7oz. or 14 oz.





Up Country Blend – French Roast Whole Bean

7 oz. or 14 oz.

Up Country Blend – French Roast Ground

7 oz. or 14 oz.





Coffee Rub
Our Coffee Rub has been specially developed by our daughter and professional chef, Taryn. Kula Beans roasted coffee is combined for a unique blend for your favorite meat or vegetable roasts. 2.5 oz. $10.00 includes shipping and handling.

All prices include tax, shipping and handling within the United States.

For bulk orders, or for orders shipping out of the U.S., please contact Kula Beans directly via our contact form or by telephone (808) 573-5880.