Tama Brandeburg, Kula Beans

Tama Brandeburg, Kula Beans & Tambra Gardens

Our journey

Growing coffee at Tambra Gardens and the resulting Kula Beans premium coffee roasts has been an adventure and labor of love from the beginning.  

Tambra Gardens has been “a family farm affair” for 24 years. Our keiki (baby) coffee trees arrived unexpectedly in 2009, when we were approached by a local coffee store owner needing to transplant 100 Typica trees.  The timing was synchronistic as we were searching for a crop to replace our mature 20-year old protea trees which had outlived their commercial life.

We said “yes!”, and the adventure began.  That same year, we added an additional 50 trees of a complementary variety to round out our orchard to 150 coffee trees- making our coffee farm the perfect size to produce a premium, carefully tended crop.

Our commitment

Our goal is to consistently provide the highest grade of coffee possible for our customers, friends and family.  Our desire is to reach our goal without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemicals of fertilizers.

Embracing sustainable farming practices has been a rewarding educational process – at times challenging, but always reaffirming our commitment to do what we feel is right. Our mission is to always continue learning, and to strive to be ever- better stewards of our land.

A new passion

As my husband and I approach the “retirement side” of life, we instead find ourselves re-immersed in our relationship with the land, our coffee, and the associated on-going discoveries and challenges.  It has been a new passion which has kept us engaged and living in the present.

We have found a new appreciation for life, experienced through the caring and nurturing of our coffee trees.   We are excited to be connecting with others in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee!

We are learning about balance: relating to the land, the crop, and our lives.  We are grateful for the bounty of life and look forward to sharing our bounty with others.


Tama Brandeburg